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About Us: Portfolio
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Tyree African Methodist Episcopal Church was named after Bishop Evans Tyree D.D. M.D.. The church was built and incorporated in 1915 in Berlin, Maryland. Ever since, it has been a light community by serving both the physical and spiritual needs of the community. Today the church's original sanctuary remains largely intact with additions like the administrative office, classrooms and Faith Hall.  


  • Faith that goes beyond a one-time confession to everyday walking with and trusting God

  • Every word that proceeds from the Mouth of God in His written and faithfully proclaimed word

  • Using our spiritual gifts in harmony for God's purposes and glory

  • Reaching others and sharing our faith through practical and spiritual giving

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Tyree is a place where people are built up, strong and passionate, reaching to explore the full measure of the love of Christ and confidently sharing their stories of deliverance, healing and relationship with GOD and others

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